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      • Date of release:2019/02/28
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      ◆High precision, high rigidity, heavy load sleeve simple spindle.

      It adopts integral sleeve spindle, first and second imported precision spindle bearings, and spindle servo motor drive to achieve high precision, high rigidity and speed stability.

      ◆The bed is rigid and easy to handle and remove.

      The bed is inclined at 30° or 45°. It is made of high-quality cast iron resin sand, compact and ribbed structure, good rigidity and strong shock resistance.

      ◆High rigidity, high precision, high speed linear slide, precision ball screw.

      The X/Z axis is directly connected by a servo motor and a precision pre-stretched ball screw through a flexible coupling, and adopts a high-rigidity, high-precision linear slide rail. It is equipped with a computer automatic lubrication system to force lubrication of the linear guide and the ball screw. The positioning accuracy is high, the thermal deformation is small, and the moving speed can reach 30M/min.

      ◆The hydraulic station adopts Taiwan variable pump, hydraulic motor, solenoid valve and air-cooling device, which has low noise and low oil temperature.

      ◆Using hydraulic or servo rotary turret, the positioning accuracy is high, the tool is changed nearby, and the number of tools is not limited by the size of the power head and the workpiece.

      ◆Adopt servo spindle, add radial or axial servo power head, power head adopts imported precision gear transmission, good rigidity, low noise and high precision. It realizes 360 degree arbitrary indexing of the spindle, and has side-end drilling, tapping and milling functions, which can complete more complex parts processing in one time.

      ◆It adopts the beautifully closed and fully enclosed protection, the waterproof performance is good, the movable door is easy to open, and it is equipped with safety interlocking device.

      Spindle parts: Domestic or Taiwan Posa

      Spindle servo motor/Driver: Beijing CTB or Taiwan 


      X/Z axis servo motor/Driver: Taiwan Syntec 

      or Yaskawa, Japan

      X/Z axis ball screw: Taiwan PMI or Hiwin

      X/Z axis linear guide: Taiwan PMI or Hiwin

      Power unit: Taiwan precision gear-driven power unit

      Power head servo turret: Taiwan Syntec or Yaskawa, 


      Turret: Taiwan hydraulic or servo turret

      Bed base: Cast iron base

      Electrical components: Schneider, France


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      Key word:復合數控車床,復合數控車床廠,復合數控車床定制


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