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      About Us


      Core Advantages

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      Strong research and development strength

      Have core technology independently developed

      Nuoxin has its own professional team, which is composed of senior engineers with rich experience in R&D and design of the industry. The independent research and development has achieved fruitful results. Among them, nine technologies, such as automatic pushing device, have obtained national invention patents and utility model patents, filling the gap in the industry. Improve product quality. The product development concept, technical theory and production practice of Nordson have reached the domestic advanced level.


      Tailored for you, quality excellence

      Your satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit

      Nuoxin is committed to meeting the individual needs of its customers and providing cost-effective products. Through in-depth interaction with customers, we implement customer requirements as instructions in all aspects of design, procurement, production, etc., paying attention to detail and management. The main parts of the CNC numerical control equipment produced are imported from Germany, Japan, Taiwan and other places. The province will not save the flowers, the province will not spend more, and strictly control the cost on the basis of ensuring quality. To "quality and cheap".


      Rapid response

      Provide quality and efficient product services

      The company established a time-limited processing system, rapid response processing evaluation and reward and punishment mechanism for customer feedback, and quickly responded as part of the corporate culture. We promise: customer feedback can be answered within 2 hours, the customer reflects the problem to be handled within 24 hours in the province and within 48 hours outside the province!


      Sales Tel: 0760-22678818 / 13929164299 

      After Sales Tel: 0760-22678836 / 18125223718 

      Add: No.30 Guangxing Road, Dayan Industrial Zone, Huangpu Town, Zhongshan City, GD, China

      Web: www.flslandscaping.com

      Fax: 0760-22678826

      Mail: info@nuoxinjc.com

      Alibaba: image.png


      Mobile  official website

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